AVELLA Lawn & Landscape LLC was founded on the 16th of January 2015. Many wonder where our name originated.It is the combination of my twin daughters named Ava and Ella. This business was created to support my daughters after we lost their mother to cervical cancer at the age of 35 in September, 2014. I left the corporate world to be able to balance my work schedule with family.

My business philosophy is to provide professional, quality service for a reasonable price. I don’t believe in owning a business simply to make money. AVELLA Lawn & Landscape was founded in order to provide excellent customer service combined with professionalism and quality work. I believe a business with these goals will thrive and grow.

My commitment to clients is to personally be involved in all services provided at their home or business. AVELLA Lawn & Landscape aspires to build long term relationships with those we serve.