Lawn Trimming & Edging Service

Although not everybody feels that they need to have a manicured lawn, trimming helps to keep your lawn under control. Similar to edging, trimming is a finishing process that creates a clean cut appearance on your lawn.

Trimming cuts the grass horizontally, while edging is a vertical cut that goes into the soil. You would trim the grass around a post or against a wall, snipping off the growing grass leaves that don’t make it under the mower. Generally the leaves are cut with a nylon string that spins rapidly at the desired cutting level.

Edging is done around ground level flower beds, along sidewalks and driveways, slicing through the roots of the grass to discourage the grass from spreading too far. You can use a shovel or special edging tool to tackle this task.

An important maintenance task that is more aesthetic than compulsory for growing healthy grass, trimming is easy to do with the right tools. Take your time and enjoy how crisp and clean your lawn looks when Avella has the job completed.